Articles/100 buses to serve Riyadh Season visitors

100 buses to serve Riyadh Season visitors

مائة حافلة تقوم بالف رحلة يوميا لنقل زوار موسم الرياض

16 OCT 2019


Source: Fatima Al-Saleh

As Riyadh Season expects thousands of visitors to arrive at the festival main locations, organizers have started a transport service in collaboration with a local transport company to reduce traffic jam.

Some 100 high standard buses are expected to make 1000 trips daily. The buses may transfer 50,000 visitors which will reduce the use of cars in crowded areas.

Each bus can serve 45 passengers and all buses have toilets and 4 cameras for security reasons and people are served fresh drinks. During the coming 70 days Riyadh residents and visitors will be able to join 100 events at various locations in the capital.

Riyadh Season events are distributed over 12 zones all over the capital with an area over 14 square km. Different government authorities including the General Entertainment authority, Riyadh Municipality, traffic department will collaborate to manage the expected crowds of 20 million visitors throughout the season.

Traffic department along with ten private companies in Riyadh are working on reducing traffic jam throughout the festival and especially on the opening day. Some 1500 performers and 60 vehicles will participate today (Thursday) at the opening parade.