Articles/800 participate in first Industrial Heritage Competition

800 participate in first Industrial Heritage Competition

الثقافة: أكثر من 800 مشاركة في أول مسابقة وطنية للتراث الصناعي

28 OCT 2019


Source: Fatima Al-Saleh

The Industrial Heritage Competition has received so far over 800 contributions that document different sites of interest throughout the Kingdom such as old factories, stations and other historical industrial buildings.

Ministry of Culture spokesman Abdul Karim Al-Humaid added that organizers have stopped receiving submissions and are currently deciding the competition winners, who will be announced at the end of November. Al-Humaid also praised the level of interest that the competition has received from the public and those interested in industrial heritage.

“The ministry will serve industrial heritage through a special program besides this competition and other related initiatives,” said Al-Humaid.

The ministry developed three participation routes to document heritage trends that contributed to the industrial development in the Kingdom. The first route is titled “The Discovery Challenge” and involves documenting industrial heritage sites through pictures or video. The second route is “The Story Challenge” that involves recording stories related to industrial heritage sites. The third route is “The Documentation Challenge” that involves conducting research about a potential industrial heritage site.

The Ministry of Culture is currently organizing three different cultural competitions: the Popular Folklore Competition, Daw' Competition for Supporting Filmmaking, and the Industrial Heritage Competition. It also recently launched a talent development program for upcoming filmmakers and other initiatives that target national talents and provide them with opportunities for training, empowerment and participation in various creative fields.