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A guide to the very best Ramadan drinks

المشروبات الرمضانية .. مذاق خاص على مائدة الإفطار

02 MAY 2020


Source: Nadeen Al-Wazani

People in Saudi Arabia share many customs when they break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan. One such tradition is to serve specific Ramadan drinks due to their special taste during iftar (breaking of the fast). To help handle the hot temperatures and stave off perpetual thirst, there are many refreshing drinks in great demand over the fasting month.


Vimto has enjoyed over 80 years of dominance in the Arabian Peninsula as the beverage of choice for iftar. Millions of bottles are sold in Saudi Arabia every year. This grape-like juice has a refreshing irresistible flavor and is easy to make.

Qamar Al-Din

This popular Ramadan drink made from dried apricots is known to be rich in vitamins that hydrates the body, stimulates blood circulation and provides vitality.

• Preparation

After cutting medium slices of dried Qamar Al-Din, add water, two cups of sugar and one tablespoon of rose water to a pan and boil well. Let it cool down and mix, ideally with a blender, for a more homogenous drink.

Carcade or Roselle

Roselle juice is commonly called Carcade and is made from a species of Hibiscus leaves. This refreshing drink contains many benefits such as cleansing the digestive system, calming the nerves, and helping maintain hydration.

• Preparation

Soak two cups of hibiscus leaves in boiling water for two hours, then sift the juice and get rid of the leaves. Add a liter of cold water and a cup of sugar. Then stir well.

Tamarind juice

This famous Ramadan beverage is known for its sweet and refreshing taste. It contains many essential vitamins and minerals that help restore the energy and salts that a fasting person loses over the day.

• Preparation

Boil eight cups of water and a cup of chopped tamarind in a deep pan. When it cools, filter it and add rose water and sugar to taste.


This is one of the most popular and refreshing drinks in Egypt and the Hijaz region. It is known for its great nutritional value and for effectively quenching one’s thirst. There are three versions of the drink – white barley, red strawberry and brown tamarind – but all have an irresistible taste.

• Preparation

Sobia syrup is made from barley, dried bread, oats or raisins. After filtering the syrup, add proportional amounts of sugar, cardamom and cinnamon. Serve with ice.

Lemon with mint

This delicious and refreshing juice is popular in Ramadan, with many nutritional benefits such as improving the immune system and replenishing minerals lost during the fasting period.

Let’s not forget about other popular Ramadan drinks such as yoghurt, licorice, Kharob, Arqasos, Khoshab, milk with dates and fresh fruit juices. There are even more healthy drinks that can effectively quench your thirst and improve digestion during Ramadan.