Articles/A trip to the beautiful mountains of Tanumah and Al-Namas

A trip to the beautiful mountains of Tanumah and Al-Namas

رحلة إلى تنومة والنماص لاكتشاف الحیاة بین الجبال

14 SEP 2020


Source: Esraa Rayes

My friends are an adventurous group and always on the lookout for new destinations that we could explore. We recently found such a location in the Kingdom, and without hesitation I prepared a backpack that contained camping basics. We would be travelling to Tanumah on the Sarawat mountain range in the Asir region.

For these long road trips we usually preferred to start in the early morning so we could truly enjoy the beautiful views of the green mountains and ancient castles along the way. However this time we left Jeddah in the evening. We spent our time chatting, listening to music, eating snacks, and taking turns driving the car.


As soon as we arrived at our destination, we began searching for a large clearing where we could pitch our tents, park the cars and have enough space to relax. The first thing we did when we found the right place was set up camp, a task that was not challenging for us as we were experienced travelers. In the cold rainy weather under an umbrella, we started preparing dinner by cooking our food over an open fire. Our evening was spent chatting, laughing, playing and singing while enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

Beautiful wakeup call

One of the most beautiful and enjoyable moments experienced during these trips was waking up early to the sounds of birds and enjoying the breathtaking natural views. At around 6 a.m., I got up with my friends and started preparing our breakfast, including foul, shakshukah, pancakes and coffee.


After breakfast, we went mountain climbing in Tanumah, one of the best areas for such activities in the Kingdom. Budding mountaineers enjoy Tanumah because it has many climbing paths that suit all abilities. After we finished our climb, we made our way to the city of Al-Namas, approximately 20 minutes away.

A tour in Al-Namas

There are many tourist attractions in Al-Namas, including museums, historical villages including Alnaih and Sidreed, and souks like Tuesday Market that encouraged us to pay a visit and interact with the locals while browsing through the traditional products and handicrafts for which the region is famous. We were accompanied by a local resident who reached out to us through social media and agreed to be our tour guide.

After the city tour, we headed to Washal Cafe whose owner welcomed and invited us to visit his farm that grew various fruit and vegetables such as guavas, pomegranates, figs, grapes, tomatoes and wild berries. There was little that could compare to this farm’s natural beauty, especially its small cave-like sitting area with authentic decor where we could enjoy eating fresh fruit, drinking coffee, and relaxing in the fresh air.

Return to camp

As beautiful as Al-Namas was, our trip had to end and we had to return to our campsite in Tanumah in preparation for our departure to Jeddah. We packed our things and cleaned the place so other adventurers could enjoy it, but took our unforgettable memories with us. Of course, it was also time for us to start planning a new adventure.