Articles/Al-Ahsa Coffee Museum: Dedicated to an iconic drink

Al-Ahsa Coffee Museum: Dedicated to an iconic drink

متحف القهوة بالأحساء .. يحكي تاريخ القهوة العريق

01 AUG 2020


Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Coffee is a popular drink in the Kingdom, coming in many different forms. Beans used to make a daily brew can be found in different varieties and colors throughout the country. It is therefore little wonder that there are many museums around the world devoted to exploring the history, discovery, and development of coffee, including the Coffee Museum located in Al-Shuqaiq village, Al-Ahsa.


The museum, owned by Abdullah Al-Hagras, features heritage tools, historical documents and anecdotes that tell the history of the coffee bean. Displays of coffee collections dating back hundreds of years shed light on how this simple hot drink is a central component of Arab hospitality. the Coffee Museum focuses on the cultural and scientific impact of coffee. Al-Hagras traveled to many coffee-producing countries in Latin America, Africa, and southern Arabia to discover how beans were harvested, prepared, equipped, roasted and grinded over the years.


The museum features several sections that display heritage tools used to make coffee, including the most famous and finest coffee pots of Al-Ahsa such as the Ruslan Dalah. The museum also displays the best beans sourced from 12 countries. The museum displays information about the history of coffeemaking and craftsmanship.

Al-Ahsa and coffee

Historical documents revealing the role of Al-Ahsa’s Al-Aqir historical port in importing, storing and exporting coffee to the Gulf states are on display at the museum. A document dating back to before the Kingdom’s unification and stipulating the imposition of Zakat on coffee in Al-Ahsa can also be viewed. As a way of completing an enjoyable experience for its visitors, the museum features a laboratory that prepares coffee samples of all kinds.