Articles/Al-Ahsa’s mountains: Great for road trips

Al-Ahsa’s mountains: Great for road trips

جبال الأحساء وجهة سياحية لعشاق الرحلات البرية

30 SEP 2020


Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

If you are a fan of mountaineering and wilderness, we advise you to visit the fantastic four mountains of Al-Ahsa Governorate, a beautiful tourist attraction in their own right.

These mountains are located near Al-Majasa Palace, in which the founder King Abdulaziz stayed during many of his conquests in and around the village of Al-Tarf.

Many recreational and tourist activities are held in the region, including horse and camel races.

Mountain civilizations

Civilizations dating back thousands of years ago lived in and around Al-Ahsa mountains, considered one of the most iconic geographical and archaeological features of the region. The annular eclipse, a rare cosmic phenomenon, can be seen there. 

Abu Husais Mount

This mountain was also known as Jabal Abu Al-Jamajim due to a war that took place nearby, and named Al-Safa in the pre-Islamic era.

Al Qarah Mountain

Named after the eponymous ancient fortress built on its summit, this mountain was called Al-Qarah Mountain due to the presence of a large and strange-shaped hill with caves of various sizes.

Al Shuba and Kanzan Mountain

This pair of mountains consist mainly of sedimentary rock, clay and sand rocks. They are a haven for hikers and wildlife enthusiasts looking to spend the most enjoyable times with their families and friends.