Articles/Al-Alia Museum: Showcasing Jazani history

Al-Alia Museum: Showcasing Jazani history

متحف "العالية" يحوي مقتنيات ثمينة تحكي التراث الجازاني

09 MAY 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

When Muhammad Mohsen Al-Daghriri opened the Al-Alia Museum in 2004, he had already collected 3,000 valuable pieces over the space of 45 years that could serve as exhibits. Located in Jazan’s Samtah governorate, this popular institution is visited by tourists looking to learn about the region’s rich history. 

Museum sections

Al-Alia is divided into 12 sections, with each focusing on the following:

  • old swords, daggers, spears
  • firearms
  • jewelry and silver
  • precious stones
  • old pots
  • old coins
  • traditional farming tools
  • wild hunting tools
  • traditional clothing
  • household tools
  • old appliances
  • miscellaneous ancient items

Rare pieces

Al-Daghriri’s passion for heritage took him around the Kingdom to collect his museum’s rare pieces, including a green jar more than 3,000 years old, a stone oil lamp, and a 500-year-old gun. Arguably the most valuable piece in the museum is a 500-year-old sword with the names of God written on it.

Jazan heritage

Among the museum’s contents are wooden geometric shapes, fossilized trees dating back centuries, Sabian pots with Musnad inscriptions and letters and manuscripts that tell of Jazan’s heritage and history. 

Other key exhibits include gold and silver jewelry, Yemeni and Ethiopian swords and spears, saddles and coins from various countries.