Articles/Al-Basali: Serving delicious fish for 70 years (video)

Al-Basali: Serving delicious fish for 70 years (video)

مطعم "البصلي" يحتفط بخلطة سرية لتتبيل الأسماك عمرها 70 عام (فيديو)

02 DEC 2019

Source: Fatima Sidiya

A stroll through the alleys of Bab Makkah market reveals the unique spirit of Jeddah, epitomized by the smell of spices blended with incense that truly reflect the culture of this coastal city. As you walk through the market, it is easy to get caught up in the crowds of sellers hawking their goods and buyers looking for bargains scattered among the numerous rugs, while the old rawashen architectural features that can be found on the surrounding buildings serve as a constant reminder of a long Jeddawi history.

In an old shop situated between the 200-year-old Abu Auf House and old Barhat Al-Hassoun pilgrims station, you will immediately smell the gorgeous aroma of fried and marinated fish in Al Basali.

Nabil Hamed, who runs the restaurant today, recalls the history of the family-run business, which was founded about 70 years ago and supervised by his father and uncles. He tells Wafy that in the beginning they used to grill the fish on charcoal and customers used to line up for a long time to buy their delicious lunch. When Nabil was a boy, these cooking methods evolved to grilling using gas and searing the fish using a blowtorch.

Nabil adds that the spice mix used to season the fish is a closely-guarded secret, so even workers who help out in the restaurant often belong to the same family to avoid any leaks. Women in the family also help prepare special dishes such as fish meals known locally as Tajins that are often made at home, while fish and shrimp are fried in the restaurant. The restaurant also prepares fish buffets.You can visit their website.

Photos by: Rawan alalwani ، Alaa Al-Bahrani