Articles/Al-Fakhriyah Palace: A witness to Al-Ahsa’s construction

Al-Fakhriyah Palace: A witness to Al-Ahsa’s construction

قصر الفاخرية شاهد على البناء الهندسي في الأحساء

23 FEB 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Amidst the palms and picturesque nature of Al-Ahsa are plenty of heritage buildings including Al-Fakheria Palace, whose intricately-designed walls and arches dazzle visitors.

Built by a prince

One of the most iconic historical and heritage palaces in Al-Ahsa, Al-Fakheria was built by the region’s governor at the time, Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi bin Turki. The building was constructed as a resting and meeting place for guests coming from outside the Kingdom.

This palace was named after its location on the Al-Fakhariya farmland, seven kilometers from Al-Hofuf on Al-Hulaileh Road.

Impressive design

The total area of the palace is more than 500 square meters and its height exceeds 12 meters. The impressively designed building consists of two main floors, with the first floor featuring an entrance, three corridors, main sitting area and a bath. The basement features a kitchen, dates warehouse and horse stables on the northern side.

The second floor is distinguished by its inscriptions and consists of a main lounge, rooftops and small living room with windows overlooking the majestic palm trees.