Articles/Al-Fath Mosque: Site of a Prophet’s battle supplication

Al-Fath Mosque: Site of a Prophet’s battle supplication

مسجد الفتح الذي دعاء فيه النبي الكريم فنصره الله على الأحزاب

08 APR 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

The largest and most significant of the group of Seven Mosques in Madinah, Al-Fath Mosque is where the Prophet (peace be upon him) made supplications during the Battle of the Trench – which ended in a Muslim victory. This key place of worship is located beneath Mount Sala' at its westernmost point.

The Seven Mosques were built on the site of the trench that was dug by Muslims – led by the Prophet (pbuh) – to defend Madinah from the Quraish and their tribal allies in the fifth year of Hijra. Each mosque’s name is linked to the conquest, except for Al-Fath Mosque that was built at the site of the dome of the Prophet (pbuh). 

The mosques are in a row from north to south: Al-Fath Mosque, Salman Al-Farsi Mosque, Abu Bakr As-Siddiq Mosque, Umer bin Khattab Mosque, Ali bin Abi Talib Mosque, Fatimah Az-Zahra Mosque, and Al-Qiblatain Mosque.

The historic mosque also marks the location where the Prophet (pbuh) camped alongside 10,000 companions to conquer Makkah.

The mosque was built during the reign of the Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz. It was renovated several times.