Articles/Habalah Museum: Safeguarding Asir’s rich history

Habalah Museum: Safeguarding Asir’s rich history

"متحف الحبلة" يجذب السياح بارتفاعه ألفي متر عن سطح البحر

22 MAR 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

If you like the idea of visiting a museum located 2,000 meters above sea level and which can only be accessed by cable car appeals, then check out Al-Habalah Museum in Asir province. This is a must-visit institution for history lovers and is named after the eponymous heritage village, more than 400 years old and located about 57 kilometers from Abha.

The museum displays over 400 historical artifacts and documents that chart Asir’s rich history and its successive civilizations, providing visitors of all ages with an interesting cultural experience.


The museum is divided into two sections, with the first displaying household objects and agricultural tools used by locals throughout history. The second displays educational documents, ancient pictures, old Aramco publications, diagrams of ancient food and trade sources used by people of the region, poetry writings, and vintage cars as well as other different types of transportation used in the past.

Traveling by rope

The museum displays the lifestyles practiced by local people in the past as well as communication means. Transportation from one place to another using handcrafted rope pulleys is also covered. This is because the name “Al-Habala” literally means “rope”; the only way to access the village was via a rope ladder. Its location beneath a cliff sloping about 300 meters from the edge of the Sarwat Mountains make it appear as if it is suspended.

Handicrafts and tasty food

When visiting Al-Habala Museum, you can also enjoy visiting the surrounding handicraft shops to buy wood and copper crafts and eat the most delicious traditional Asiri cuisine offered in the popular markets allocated to productive families.

Heritage village

Al-Habala Heritage Village is one of the most prominent tourist destinations, not only in Asir, but also in the Kingdom due to its pristine nature, mild climate, and stunning mountainous landscapes. It is considered a haven for camping enthusiasts, climbers, and hikers who can enjoy picturesque views of waterfalls, especially after rainfall. To further promote tourism in the region, paved roads and a cable car system was built to provide easy access to Al-Habala.