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The distinctive architecture of Al-Duwaihra Mosque

مسجد الظويهرة التاريخي بمنطقة الدرعية

18 MAR 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Riyadh’s historical Ad-Diriyah district is characterized by ancient mud buildings constructed in the Najd architectural style. The area features many old mosques that have been restored to preserve their heritage over the years, most notably Al-Duwaihra Mosque known previously as "Al-Hota Mosque".

Distinct architecture

The mosque is located near the Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab Mosque on the outskirts of Riyadh and the banks of Wadi Hanifa. It is distinguished by a historical architectural style incorporating wood sourced from palm trunks and arched mud walls dating back to the emergence of the Saudi state. Although it was built 200 years ago, prayers are still held there to this day after its restoration and renovation.


Al-Duwaihra features shaded and open prayer areas built with mud bricks – a style typical of the old traditional mosques from that period. Places of worship in the region also featured underground prayer areas to protect worshipers from the cold winters. The Mosque features an upper floor, long corridor, arched walls and simple minaret.