Articles/Al-Jouf museums: Preserving local history

Al-Jouf museums: Preserving local history

متاحف الجوف تحفظ تاريخ المنطقة

09 MAY 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Al-Jouf is abundant in historical landmarks and monuments that serve as reminders of previous ancient civilizations that inhabited the province. The region has both public and private museums that play an important part in conserving local history.

Al-Jouf Regional Museum

This important cultural institution is full of historical records. Visitors can also see Al-Jouf’s key historical sites overlooking the museum such as Marid Castle and Omar Mosque.

The museum contains eight halls:

  • · reception hall
  • · regional antiquities, heritage, history, and nature
  • · prehistoric hall
  • · pre-Islamic hall
  • · Islamic hall
  • · history of the Saudi state hall
  • · folklore hall
  • · special exhibition hall

Private museums

There are also many private museums founded by the locals, including:

  • · Al-Nuwaiser Heritage Museum, which is located in the old emirate building next to Marid Castle. It features two halls, a heritage tent, various rooms and a souk selling heritage goods. The museum displays many old coins, jewelry, weapons, farming tools and old household items.
  • · Al-Wethiman Museum, which features old local tools, weapons such as swords, guns and shields, and other exhibits.
  • · Nawaf Al-Rashid Museum, which displays old cooking tools, crockery, leather goods, and weapons.
  • · Nasser Qadir Al-Arouj Heritage Museum, which displays many artifacts, coffee and hospitality tools, old weapons, leather goods and farming tools.