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Jaffali Mosque… A masterpiece in Jeddah

مسجد الجفالي..تحفة فنية من الأسمنت والتراكوتا

13 MAY 2021

Source: Amal Bagazi

One of Jeddah’s most famous mosques is Jaffali Mosque, which is situated within one of the four neighborhoods designed by Egyptian architect Abdelwahed El-Wakil during the 1980s.

The architectural masterpiece that is Jaffali Mosque was built in 1987 near the Al-Balad area and Al-Bayaa roundabout opposite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is distinguished by its 20 domes, while it spans 3,060 square meters and accommodates 2,500 worshipers. The mosque also features a rectangular courtyard with an area of 370 square meters surrounded by corridors topped by rows of domes.

Arched corridor

In the area adjacent to the mihrab is a large dome, while the entrance to the men’s prayer area leads to an arched corridor topped by a dome and is connected to the ablution facilities through six double doors. The entrance to the women’s prayer area, on the western side, leads to stairs connected to a prayer hall on the first floor.

Elevated mosque

The entire building is located on a raised platform, with the main interior area accessed through stairs that extend along the eastern and western façades of the mosque. Since the mihrab is located at the eastern façade, worshipers coming from the entrance to the men’s prayer hall must then turn 180 degrees to pray towards the direction of the Qibla.

Old design

The design of the Jaffali Mosque is inspired by the old local architecture of Jeddah’s buildings such as Al-Mimar, Shafi'i and Hanafi mosques, which were also built using the same materials as the former. The building’s design embodies simplicity and elegance.

Photos by: Rawan Al-Alwani