Articles/Al-Katib Palace: Taif’s home for a king

Al-Katib Palace: Taif’s home for a king

تعرف على قصر "النيابة" بالطائف وسبب تسميته

21 SEP 2020


Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

Taif is home to many urban heritage landmarks, but few are more important than Al-Kateb House, which served as the residence of the late King Faisal before he led the country. Also known as Al-Niyaba Palace, the building was constructed in 1897. It subsequently served as the home for King Faisal’s children – Abdullah, Muhammad, Saad, Saud, Khaled, Turki,and Sara. After restoration, the palace was recently chosen to be Taif’s cultural center and designated a national cultural landmark.



Al-Katib palace was built from stone, wood, lime, and juniper. It features three floors and 45 rooms decorated with engravings and marble. The building enjoys a unique architectural design. It features tall round pillars, beautifully designed arches, and ornate windows. This architectural masterpiece is surrounded by gardens where fruit and vegetables are grown.


Al-Katib palace was built and inhabited by Muhammad Abdul Wahid, then his sons. King Faisal was born and then raised there for 20 years. This palace was abandoned in 1968, after princes Bandar bin Muhammad bin Abdulaziz, Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal and Princess Sheikha bint Abdulaziz had lived in it. Because of the palace’s historic significance, it was restored so it could become one of the region’s cultural landmarks and open to visitors.