Articles/Al Ossia Sanctuary: First bird haven in Madinah

Al Ossia Sanctuary: First bird haven in Madinah

زيارة محمية الأوسية متعة لا مثيل لها

19 APR 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

There is little that can match the experience of being able to listen to nothing but the singing of birds that are happy to fly around you and perch on your arms as you feed them. All this and more are on offer at Al-Ossia Sanctuary, which recently opened in Madinah opposite Al-Dar Hospital next to Quba Mosque.

Pleasant ambiance

Sanctuary owner Hamza Al-Hujaili was inspired to open the place after seeing visitors to Quba Mosque buying food pellets to feed pigeons. So, he decided to open a place where visitors could experience this pleasant feeling amid charming nature and a more sedate atmosphere.

Attractive events

Al-Ossia Sanctuary features many types of birds of all colors and sizes. Visitors will enjoy wandering among the trees while bird spotting. Artificial rainfall complete an unforgettable experience.

Visitors can also sit in secluded areas and enjoy a cup of coffee and tea as well as view displays of ancient tools used in palm cultivation. The owner is planning to open a small museum that displays many more similar implements in the future.


To book an hourlong tour, call +966503000907 in advance. For more details, you can visit the sanctuary’s official Instagram Al-Osia

Photos by: Rawan Al-Alwani