Articles/Al-Qarah: Ahsa’s natural centerpiece

Al-Qarah: Ahsa’s natural centerpiece

"القارة" جبل يتربع على واحة تُطوقها غابة من النخيل

28 SEP 2019


Source: Wafy

Al-Qarah Mountain is perhaps the most distinguished natural feature in Al-Ahsa. Geologists believe that it was formed some 2.5 million years ago. Also known by the name “Al-Shaban Mountain”, it is located some 12 kilometers away from Hofuf and rises 210 meters above sea level. From north to south Al-Qarah is around one kilometer long and spans 800 meters from east to west. It is also surrounded by palm trees.

The mountain has 12 caves and the temperature inside does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius. Known for its sedimentary rocks, the mountain is surrounded by a number of villages, the most famous of which is Al-Qarah Village. Other villages include Al-Dalwa, Al-Tihaimiya and Al-Tuwaither. The mountain is also known by the name “Abu Husais”, named after the battle between the Kingdom’s founder King Abdulaziz and Al-Ajman tribe when he first entered Al-Ahsa.

People in the past used to hide important documents inside the different mountain caves. The historian Jawad Al-Ramadan noted that he previously found some of these documents, which have helped in charting the history of Al-Ahsa’s families.

In 2016 a SR100 million renovation to the location was conducted by a development company. Since then the site has been transformed into a tourist, natural, cultural and historical landmark. The renovation project was given the name, “The Land of Civilization”.

The new developments at the mountain include the establishment of shops and coffee shops as well as a museum telling the stories of the nearby villages. Different art and cultural events have also been organized in the mountain area.

Photos by: Muhammad Al-Fuhaid