Articles/Al-Rifai House: Masterpiece of Farasan Island

Al-Rifai House: Masterpiece of Farasan Island

منزل الرفاعي تحفة لؤلؤية فاخرة في قلب جزيرة فرسان

28 DEC 2020

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

A centerpiece of Jazan province’s Farasan Island is Al-Rifai House, a beautiful palatial building belonging to Ahmed Munawar Al-Rifai. An architectural masterpiece, it features many luxurious inscriptions and decorations that reflect the region’s rich history and civilization.

Wealth and luxury

This opulent house was established in 1922 during the height of the pearl trade in the Farasan Islands and reflected the wealth and luxury exhibited by the locals during that time.


The house is reminiscent of the luxurious old homes in India that inspired Al-Rifai whenever he visited the subcontinent on business. This is evident in the exterior walls that are covered with geometric decorations carved from stucco. The height of the house is approximately seven meters. The door is about six meters tall and Qur’anic verses are written on the top of the façade. The windows are designed with prominent decorations too.


The house was specially constructed using local materials except for stained glass and ceiling timber imported from outside the Kingdom. The interior design featuring engraved and stucco decorations is similar to that found in India and Yemen.

The house's Majlis (reception area) walls are beautifully decorated with colorful geometric patterns, prominent inscriptions and Qur’anic verses.