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Al-Shanana Tower: Guardian of Al-Rass

برج الشنانة: معلم سياحي تراثي مهم بالرس

13 SEP 2020


Source: Nadeen Al-Wazani

The Al-Qassim province has a wealth of landmarks that stand as testament to the region’s historical legacy. One in particular that has stood tall for nearly 270 years is the Al-Shanana Tower, situated in Al-Rass and which was recently restored to serve as one of the city’s premier tourist attractions.


The tower is an archaeological masterpiece located in the eponymous historic town, approximately seven kilometers from Al-Rass. Conical in appearance, it stands 27 meters high while its base has a circumference of about 21 meters. It has one door and three windows.

The tower consists of 10 floors, with an opening created on each floor for ventilation and to monitor the surrounding neighborhoods for protection. It was constructed from mud while its roof was built from wood and palm fronds. The tower also features ancient inscriptions and has been restored several times due to its historical importance. There is a stone enclosure containing rooms to receive visitors.


The Al-Shanana Tower was built in 1786 to spot potential threats to the city and for astronomical purposes, particularly to announce the two Eids and the fasting month of Ramadan. It was constructed within the eponymous castle as part of an impregnable fortress for the region. 

Tourist investment

This prominent landmark receives visitors from around the Kingdom due to its architectural beauty and historical importance. A restoration project has been implemented in the surrounding area and organized souks to showcase the location’s heritage.

photos: SPA