Articles/Al-Shaqeeq Beach in Jazan: Picturesque destination

Al-Shaqeeq Beach in Jazan: Picturesque destination

شاطئ الشقيق مقصد الباحثين عن الطبيعة والأجواء الخلابة

11 MAY 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

The southern Jazan province is home to some great beaches, including Al-Shaqeeq. Considered a gateway to the region, it is located on the Red Sea coast. Due to its strategic location, the beach served as a military marina and then a commercial port that welcomed pilgrims before and after their journey to Makkah until it ceased operations in 1982.

Perfect for tourists

Al-Shaqeeq Beach is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the Kingdom and offers visitors the chance to swim, snorkel, dive or simply sunbathe on the golden sands. It is also home to the largest water desalination plant in the Middle East.

The pristine beach is more than 20 kilometers long and extends inland to the coastal mountain area. Since it is also situated at the mouth of Wadi Reem, many types of crops are grown in the area.

Geographical diversity

A flat plain extends from the beach and there are many sand dunes and hills scattered near the coastline.

The surrounding green plants and valleys add to the area’s beautiful scenery, which features charming nature and attracts tourists throughout the year.