Articles/Alqan: Tabuk’s newest tourist gem

Alqan: Tabuk’s newest tourist gem

"قرية علقان" الوجهة السياحية الجديدة في تبوك

30 DEC 2019


Source: Alaa Al-Bahrani

Alqan Village is arguably the biggest tourist attraction in Tabuk near Haql province, especially during the winter. It is called the “Snow City” and attracts visitors and tourists looking to set up camps and tents to enjoy the natural beauty and cold weather while playing in the snow. The village is characterized by the variety of its terrain that enhances the surrounding beauty and wonderful views. It is considered one of the coldest areas in Tabuk in winter and is mild during the summer.

Its name is derived from that of the old Abu Alaq well in the village, which has many attractive characteristics including its clean air, historical sites, high mountains and pure sands. This is why it is gaining popularity as a tourist attraction in the region.

Heritage homes

The village contains old heritage houses that were built on an elevated area using palm trees, stones and tree trunks. These buildings have eroded due to environmental factors, but their remains are still in a preserved condition. The village was once the residence for the first employees working in Qurayyat governorate since the beginning of the Saudi era.

New projects

Although the region has a variety of terrain, high mountains, beautiful climate, scenic nature and snow in winter, there is a lack of facilities such as hotels, rest houses and parks as well as tourist activities such as safaris and mountain tours. Therefore, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage is focusing on attracting investment in Alqan village to develop tourism services including restaurants and other facilities.