Articles/Amaala: A premier health and wellness destination (video)

Amaala: A premier health and wellness destination (video)

أمالا..وجهة جديدة للباحثين عن تجربة ترفيهية فاخرة (فيديو)

12 OCT 2019

Source: Fatima Sidiya

Amaala is an ambitious so-called giga-project located by the northwestern Red Sea coast in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nature Reserve next to NEOM and the Red Sea Project. Together, the three developments are expected to create a tourism ecosystem that will introduce new conceptual attractions to boost the tourism and entertainment sectors in Saudi Arabia, create more than 22,000 jobs and introduce the beauty of the Kingdom to the world.

Covering an area of 3,800 square kilometers and financed by The Public Investment Fund, the project will support the diversification of Saudi Arabia’s leisure and tourism industry while promoting cultural conservation, ecological preservation and sustainability.

The project is dubbed the “Riviera of the Middle East”; it is served by its own international airport and aims to meet Saudi Vision 2030 goals by contributing to economic diversification, creating investment opportunities, developing the tourism industry while preserving cultural and environmental heritage and adhering to sustainable development principles.

World class innovators are also working together to design individualized and unique experiences for visitors with the aim of introducing them to the very best in wellness, art, culture, sports, yoga, fashion, fitness, beach and lifestyle facilities. Amaala will have three zones: Triple Bay, The Island and The Coastal Development.

Sports and Wellness

Amaala provides a truly integrated sports and wellness destination offering a holistic wellness retreat, state-of-the-art medical facilities and authentic treatments. Yoga, spa treatments, exercise classes, consultant medical appointments and personalized diet plans are all on offer to visitors.


Efforts are being made to redefine travel experiences and to make Amaala suitable for visitors coming from around the globe. Guests can expect adventure, culture, history, relaxation and shopping. The project will also be a breathtaking yachting destination.

Art and Culture

Amaala invites everyone to feed their minds by experiencing culture and art at its various museums and galleries. Among these are the Contemporary Art Museum, Arts Village, and the Academy of Arts.

Marine Life

Thanks to its location on the northwest Red Sea Coast, Amaala will provide visitors with the opportunity to explore previously untouched diving areas. More than 12,000 species of marine life are recorded in the Red Sea, and 10 percent of them cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Red Sea also has coral reefs that are up to 7,000 years old. Curious visitors can find out more about the location at the nearby Museum of Marine Life.


The project will feature luxury hotels and private villas as well as a contemporary arts village. It is expected that the project will have a total of 2,525 rooms 1,496 residential units and over 800 luxury residences. The project will be distinguished by its luxury island villas and underwater villas.


Sustainable agricultural techniques will be implemented at the location to grow local organic produce. Amaala also applies 15 pieces of sustainability criteria covering the installation of solar fields through to waste management and recycling.