Articles/“Ana Arabiah” A Female Exhibition& Bazaar at Riyadh Season

“Ana Arabiah” A Female Exhibition& Bazaar at Riyadh Season

"أنا عربية" معرض وبازار نسائي بمشاركة عربية في "موسم الرياض"

08 OCT 2019


Source: Fatima Al-Saleh

Ana Arabiah “I am Arab” is an exhibition and bazaar that will take place at Riyadh Front with the participation of 200 female Saudi designers and 200 female Arab designers. The exhibition will be a platform for art, creativity and handmade crafts. All products are made by women and presented in an innovative style at Riyadh Season.

A number of art and culture events will take place at the location to shed light on Saudi heritage and culture in the Arabian Peninsula. The three top creative designers who present distinguished ideas will be awarded.

Riyadh Season events will start in a few days and will last for two months. It is expected that this season will be the largest among all “Saudi Seasons.” the aim is to highlight Saudi tourism competitive potentials and focus on Saudi history, civilization, culture and art.