Articles/Two Qassim stones commemorating a famous love story

Two Qassim stones commemorating a famous love story

صخرتي عنترة والنصلة ترويان قصة عشق خلدها التاريخ

04 OCT 2020


Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

In Qassim lies two innocuous stones that serve as a reminder of the famous Arab knight Antar bin Shaddad, subject of one of the greatest love stories of the Arab World. To promote tourism in the area, local authorities have organized regular activities to attract visitors looking for a unique experience.

Antarah and Nasla Rocks

The stones, called Antara and Nasla, lie northwest of Buraidah in the town of Ghaf Al-Jawa. Isolated from the surrounding mountains, they have resisted environmental and climatic conditions and still stand strong. Antar used to tie his horse to the rock named after him before meeting his beloved Abla, who would eagerly wait for him at Nasla.


Nasla also features Thamudic writings and petroglyphs that have recorded the region’s history and daily lives of inhabitants over the first and second centuries AD.


The beauty of the historic rocks has drawn attention due to their conical shape naturally sculpted by wind and other climatic factors over the ages. Antara, who was born in the first quarter of the sixth century AD and was also a noted poet, recorded his love for the Qassim region and his beloved in his works.