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Arar’s best recreational parks

أفضل منتزهات عرعر لوجهة ترفيهية متميزة

29 AUG 2020

Source: Nadeen Al-Wazani

In line with its status as the capital of Saudi Arabia’s Northern Borders province, Arar is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the Kingdom. Its fertile lands are green most of the year, except when they are covered with a carpet of white snow over the winter. Wafy lists Arar’s best recreational parks that offer hours full of fun and entertainment with all the family and friends.

Arar National Park

This beautiful park is located near the city center and attracts residents and visitors from all over the Kingdom, especially during the holidays. It offers many fun recreational activities and designated resting spaces where visitors can sit and enjoy the attractive green spaces

Arar Park for Families

This park, located 13 kilometers from the city center, is great for families with children thanks to a well-facilitated playground. Visitors can enjoy walking among the plants and trees, while festive events and activities are occasionally held there.

Turaif Road Park

Offering a calm space to relax, Turaif Road Park is full of vast green spaces and huge palm trees. There is a corner for children's activities where younger visitors can spend plenty of fun-filled hours.

Shahd Entertainment City

Spanning 21 square kilometers, this is one of the most iconic parks in Arar offering plenty of recreational activities suitable for both children and adults. Shahd Entertainment City features many cafes and restaurants that contribute to an enjoyable experience.

Al-Baijan Park

This fun park features many engaging activities for children. There are often clown or singing performances, while families can book a stay at a variety of chalets and tents that have been set up on-site.

Palm Garden

Named after the huge number of eponymous trees that have been planted throughout, Palm Garden is a truly beautiful attraction. Featuring stunning landscapes full of beautiful flowers and plants, visitors can access a walkway around 1,500 meters long where they can walk, jog or cycle.