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The community importance of Ashraf Al-Mari Mosque

مسجد أشراف آل مرعي التاريخي ملتقى العبادة والمناسبات

26 AUG 2020


Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Historic mosques around the Kingdom play an important part in maintaining the unity of their local communities and receive special attention from the government, which has pledged to restore them and preserve their long heritage. One such mosque is the Ashraf Al-Mari mosque, located by the coast of Al-Wajh, Tabuk province.


Important social and knowledge beacon

The mosque is 178 years old, and over its lifetime it has witnessed countless prayers, marriages and different social events. Social norms in the governorate dictated that wedding celebrations should take place in the mosque, contributing to frequent opportunities to hold joyous gatherings for Al-Wajh residents. It was also a place to impart knowledge and education before the establishment of a local school in 1333 AH.


Ashraf Al-Ali Mosque’s exterior reflects the traditional Islamic architecture typical of the 19th century. Overlooking the sea, the building is constructed on eight cylindrical columns and is 23 meters long, 12 meters wide, and five meters high. It is made from sedimentary stones sourced from the sea, while the roof is built from durable wood. Beautiful wooden pulpits have been constructed in a Hijazi style inside.

Shops surrounding the mosque formed a commercial center that many visitors flocked to during the old time because of its convenient and attractive location.