Articles/Badr Al-Janoub: Land of honey and beauty

Badr Al-Janoub: Land of honey and beauty

بدر الجنوب أرض العسل والجمال

08 SEP 2020

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

The cities and villages of Najran are characterized by their beautiful nature, varying landscapes, historic landmarks, and unique architecture. Badr Al-Janoub, which lies in the south of the province, is no different. Visitors to the area are greeted by a welcome sign at its entrance featuring the words of the late poet Ghazi Al-Qossabi.

Badr Al-Janoub

Covering an area of around 4,200 square kilometers, Badr Al-Janoub enjoys a pleasant climate, especially in the summer, because it is located in an elevated area around 3,000 feet above sea  level. Visitors need to travel 160 kilometers away from Najran to reach the governorate.

Beautiful nature

Badr Al-Janoub is home to many scenic valleys and mountains covered with vegetation; seasonal waterfalls often form from rainfall throughout the year. Surrounded by Sidr trees, flowers and other plants, the region is also famous for producing the finest types of original Sidr honey.

Badr Al-Janoub’s ancient mud houses take visitors on a beautiful journey to the past. And to truly enjoy its beautiful nature, visit Al-Ashha Park that features many services such as family areas, children’s playground and designated camping sites.

Villages and centers

The governorate feature many villages and centers that welcome visitors and tourists, including:

  • Hadada Center, which links Najran and Asir.  The area’s Moa'a Park is known for its beautiful dense forest and vegetation. Many villages and neighborhoods are affiliated to the center including Selah, Abala, and Ataf.
  • Al-Khaneg Center, 17 kilometers away from Badr Al-Janoub. The large Wadi Sayhan that cuts through the area is known for its beauty and surrounding agricultural lands. Many villages are affiliated to the center including Fere’ Al-Jabal, Al-Qarn, Al-Muza’a and Tulaila.
  • Al-Rehab Center is located about 42 kilometers east of Badr Al-Janoub and is home to the villages of Al-Salamah, Khudairan, Al-Jadida, and Fera’a.
  • Ladmah Center is located about 40 kilometers west of Badr Al-Janoub and features the villages of Al-Murtajam, Al-Hajf, Al-Numana, Al-Nazara, and Al-Shabika.

Photos: SPA