Articles/Beautiful mountain formations in the Kingdom

Beautiful mountain formations in the Kingdom

رياح السنين شكلت أجمل منحوتات السعودية

11 MAR 2020

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Sand-carrying winds have helped shape the Kingdom’s rocky mountains into charming shapes that punctuate the vast arid desert. Nature lovers across the country have travelled great distances just to appreciate these natural mountain sculptures. We have covered some of the most notable below.

Elephant-shaped rock

Once you set foot on Al-Ula, head to this great mountain that stands 50 meters high. This uniquely-shaped rock resembles an elephant and is surrounded by a range of colored mountains in a vast golden desert. Thanks to the Winter at Tantura festival, the mountain has become a wonderful tourist destination that is bursting with color at night and is where visitors can enjoy dining at restaurants and various other cultural activities.


Camel-shaped rock

Located in the northwestern province of Al-Wajh, this natural sculpture resembling a setting camel stands eight meters high and is made from rare limestone. Extending along the Red Sea coast, Al-Wajh is full of natural attractions and has a deep heritage.

Mountain Arch

Mountaineering enthusiasts love standing at the bottom of this natural arch thanks to the intricate details on the rock that have been carved by the winds. This dazzling rock formation is located north of Al-Ula governorate and features many sculptures and historical monuments that have helped make the location an important tourist site. There are also ancient inscriptions that can be seen west of the mountain.

Al-Twaitheer Rock

This is among the most beautiful rock formations in the country. It is perched on top three small rocks in a gravity-defying way, appearing as if it stands unsupported in the air.


The 12 camel-shaped rocks

A Saudi-French mission found 2,000-year-old carved rocks in the desert of Al-Jouf in north Saudi Arabia. The mission also discovered 56 petroglyph locations in the region. The site contains three sandstone mountains featuring sculptures of 12 camels. Some of them have eroded over time, but others remain remarkably intact.