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Bookccino an attractive booklovers shop

"بوكتشينو" مكتبة لعشاق القراءة بمرتبة مقهى ثقافي بتفاصيل نادرة

14 AUG 2019


Source: Fatima Al-Saleh


Bookccino is a bookshop and an online store in Riyadh located at Al-Dakeel District in Riyadh. It has started as a booklover club a few years ago with a chance to sip a cup of coffee while reading favorite books. The general atmosphere is suitable for readers but coffee is no more offered in the location, yet the store is still a perfect place for readers thanks to the quietness and calming decor with walls decorated using famous quotes of leading writers.

The primary goal of bookccino is to promote for reading and thus the store targets those who have not yet discovered to pleasure of such a hobby. The store therefore, focuses on introducing light, easy to read and delightful books. Visitors are advised to pick up their choices for best authors of different literary and scientific books. In general the Bookccino has a limited number of books that are well selected to encourage people to read.  

The store has built trust with its visitors by giving them tips to help them pick up suitable books. Kids are also invited to their special Bookccino zone. In addition, the store introduces a number of book related accessories like bookmarks, eco-friendly bags, and book holders.

The owners used to wrap and ship books to readers who send their orders on social media; now and as the project grows the online store offers a platform for readers to order books, rate them, and write comments about them.