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Camel Rock: Icon of Al-Wajh

صخرة الجمل شاهد على عراقة محافظة الوجه

06 JUN 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Throughout the majestic mountains of the Kingdom are many natural rock formations created purely through natural factors over many years. One notable example that readers may have already come across is the Elephant Mountain in the Al-Ula region. However, also of note is the Camel Rock in Al-Wajh Governorate, a region that enjoys a rich history.

Particular angle

The Camel Rock is located five kilometers south of Al-Wajh. Viewers will only be able to see what appears to be the body of a rocky camel from one angle. From all other angles, viewers will only see a strange formation of rocks. The site is popular with tourists looking to enjoy a bit of nature, take photographs and climb the surrounding mountains.

Unique formation

The Camel Rock is made up of small, large, and gigantic rocks whose highest point reaches eight meters. The unique rock formation looks like a camel head staring at the sky.