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Discover the unparalleled beauty of Dammam

دليل السياحة لأجمل مدن الخليج العربي"الدمام"

03 APR 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

Dammam, the capital of the Eastern Province, is full of must-see tourist attractions and is characterized by its striking beauty and tranquility. The city is home to the man-made Coral Island, beautiful corniches, pleasant green parks, seaside walkways, and much more.

Below are just a few destinations to check out on your next visit to Dammam:


The city’s new corniche stretches along four kilometers of pristine coastline, providing the city and its people with wonderful seaside walkways, running paths, park seating and green areas. It is the perfect place for a family picnic in the early evenings when the weather is cool.


Walk along the stunning waterfront in Dammam and breathe in the fresh sea air. Located in the King Abdullah Marine Park, it offers many fun water sports and children’s playgrounds. Families and friends can enjoy a meal at the beach and enjoy the water fountain displays.

Al-Marjan Island

More commonly known as Coral Island, Al-Marjan is an artificial island with breathtaking views and is connected to Dammam by a bridge. It contains a wonderful park where locals and tourists can take advantage of the top-class facilities, green spaces and children's playgrounds. Ferry rides, which offer meals on board, can be taken to and from the island.

Dolphin Village

Located at the entrance of Coral Island, this air-conditioned lounge offers daily dolphin and seal shows that delight young visitors with their coordination and tricks. This amusement park and entertainment village features swimming pools and occasionally a circus.

King Fahd Park

King Fahd Park is one of the largest and lushest parks in the Eastern Province. Its beautiful waterways and lakes, featuring numerous waterfalls and bridges, makes the location one of the most serene places in Dammam. The park also has artificial lakes, amusement rides and restaurants, making it a great place for the whole family to spend an afternoon.

Theme parks

There are a number of theme parks in Dammam that offer great fun for adults and children, including Happy Land, Fun Time, Adventure World, Water Village and Snow World.


The city is home to many museums including the Dammam Regional, Al-Jawhara Heritage and Eastern Province museums. All offer visitors the opportunity to take a trip through the fascinating history of Dammam from prehistoric times all the way to the present day.

Market and shopping malls

You can also visit the best shopping centers in the city, including Al-Othaim, Al-Shati, Marina and Dareen malls.