Articles/Enjoy dancing lights and talking trees at Night Garden!

Enjoy dancing lights and talking trees at Night Garden!

في "الحديقة الليلية" الأشجار تتحدث والأنوار تتراقص

15 OCT 2019


Source: Fatima Al-Saleh

The Night Garden has opened its door to the public Sunday to amuse visitors with a world of imagination at Al-Murabaa district in Riyadh. Visitors to the event will experience a mesmerizing atmosphere where they can enjoy music and the decorated streets.

You may go the garden every day from 10:00 p.m. opened for two months as part of Riyadh Season festival. To join the celebration you are advised to make a reservation at one of the luxurious restaurants at the location. At the entrance visitors are served Arabic coffee by Saudi men dressed in traditional uniforms and they can enjoy the fresh air and listen to music.  

You may meet a talking tree with a human face that welcomes you upon your arrival. The area has a large green zone, streams and colorful lights while kiosks are distributed around Al-Murabaa. The general atmosphere will place you just in a look like Hollywood movie scene that will lead you to an international restaurant of your choice.