Articles/The diverse wildlife of Wild Park Reserve in Hail

The diverse wildlife of Wild Park Reserve in Hail

تمتع بمشاهدة الريم في محمية المنتزه البري بجبال السليمي

04 OCT 2020

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

The city of Hail enjoys diverse terrain and great weather, partly due to its location between the mountains Shammar in the north and Salma in the south. As a result, there is also a rich diversity of wildlife protected by the Wild Park Reserve, established in the mountains of the Sulaimi governorate.


Sulaimi is located 180 kilometers from Hail. It was surrounded by farms and orchards on which city residents lived and thrived.

Wild Park

The reserve spans around 2 million square meters and has become a favorite destination for families and safari fans. The park features rare wild animals wandering in and around the mountains and acacia forests, including the Arabian deer, Australian gazelles, oryx, ostriches and other species native to the Arabian Peninsula.


The reserve is protected by metal fencing and surveillance rooms that ably maintain the park’s security and protect the wildlife using CCTV. Visitors can wander inside the park by foot or vehicles to enjoy natural views of valleys and see animals in their natural habitat. The park also contains designated areas for families and children.