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Explore Wadi Tandaha Dam

"سد تندحة" بستان عسير المثمر

12 NOV 2019


Source: Fatima Al-Saleh

The Wadi Tandaha Dam, located east of the Khamis Mushait province, has helped create a destination frequented by tourists who enjoy the wonderful nature, green spaces and rock formations. The dam is 120 meters long and 24.5 meters high, and its can handle more than 4 million cubic meters of water.

Tandaha Valley, which is approximately 60 kilometers long and originates from the Hijaz Mountains, starts south at Al-Bouqa then passes through the Al-Jarada valley before it merges with the Valley of Wahhabah.

One of the largest and most famous tributaries of the Valley of Bisha, Tandaha Valley covers many villages and is known for its abundance of water, fertile land and quality of agricultural crops that include many types of vegetables and fruits. It is also characterized by the beauty of its nature and greenery of its land.

Traditional architectural style

The architecture of Tandaha’s mud houses amazes visitors due to the sharpness of their construction and visual distinction that has defied time. The entrances to the villages that house these marvelous buildings are often surrounded by beautiful greenery. The circular or squared high towers were used for military purposes but now function as a way to contemplate the beauty of Tandaha’s nature. These towers are surrounded by modern buildings.

Tandaha city is still a productive orchard where its residents work in agriculture; their most famous products include tomatoes, beans, okra, peppers and fruits such as pomegranate, grapes, figs and lemons.

Historians say that the city witnessed a historical event mentioned in the Holy Qur’an when a convoy of elephants passed through. Ancient inscriptions found in the area provide further evidence that this event occurred.

An example of the natural heritage in the area are the ancient water sources and rocks that bear traces of writings and inscriptions dating back many centuries. Visitors should also consider the Mdjal Century mountain, which is a volcanic peak located at the borders of the Wadi Tandaha villages, among other historical sites.