Articles/Exploring the Kingdom’s largest natural lake "Dawmat Al-Jandal"

Exploring the Kingdom’s largest natural lake "Dawmat Al-Jandal"

دومة الجندل أكبر بحيرة طبيعية في المملكة

25 JAN 2020


Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

The Dumat Al-Jandal Lake, located in the northern Al-Jouf region, is considered one of the premier tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. The area is also home to heritage sites from Islamic civilizations of the past such as Omar Al-Khattab Mosque, whose minaret is considered to be the first built in Islam, as well as mud-brick and stone-paved houses dating back to the 18th century BC. There are other ancient monuments that reflect the region's history.

Dumat Al-Jandal Lake is located on an area of about 1 million square meters and is 585 meters deep. It was formed in a low hillside elevation from all sides and fed by rainwater, groundwater and agricultural water. The area’s development began in 2006, and the surrounding streets were asphalted and more lighting and a gated fence added. A beautiful fountain, the second highest in the Kingdom, was also installed along with other features such as a marina and floating restaurant.

The lake is located among plateaus where there are many plants, endemic and migratory birds, fish and other aquatic organisms. It has a storage capacity of about 11 million cubic meters of saltwater annually and also holds a number of national sailing competitions.