Articles/Fakieh Aquarium: Journey through underwater treasures

Fakieh Aquarium: Journey through underwater treasures

فقيه أكواريوم: رحلة شيقة إلى عالم البحار

31 MAR 2021

Source: Nadeen Al-Wazani

Located near the Corniche Road by the Red Sea coast, Fakieh Aquarium is the first marine exhibition of its kind in Saudi Arabia. It is a popular attraction that displays the aquatic wonders of the Red Sea and other seas and oceans from around the world.

Marine wonderland

The huge basins and translucent tunnels that make up the aquarium host more than 200 species of fish, most of which are from the Red Sea. Animals include sharks, Napoleon fish, seahorses, and rockfish. There are also marine creatures from the Arabian Gulf, Cape Verde, Maldives, Japan and Australia such as sea dragons and four Humboldt penguins from Peru.

Aquarium tour

The Aquarium tour offers the opportunity to discover some of the marine wonders found in the Red Sea without the need to dive and wear a wetsuit. This is all on offer while visitors wander through a blue world to a meditative soundtrack. The information beside each marine creature is available in both Arabic and English.

Fun activities

Fakieh Aquarium is the perfect place to spend a fun day, especially thanks to the daily dolphin and seal shows and accompanying gift shop. Arguably the most distinctive feature is the opportunity to swim with dolphins for an unforgettable experience.

Family and friends can also enjoy a delicious meal at Blue Ocean Restaurant and other restaurants overlooking a breathtaking view of the Red Sea.

And if you are looking for more activities, the area around Fakieh Aquarium offers other family-friendly attractions, such as Fakieh Planetarium, Al-Shallal Theme Park and the famous Jeddah Beach. 

For the latest information on visit dates and entrance fees, please visit their website.