Articles/Flowers Farmhouse: Elegance and culture in Al-Ula

Flowers Farmhouse: Elegance and culture in Al-Ula

كوخ فلورز: واجهة حضارية في قلب قرية شلال السياحية بالعلا

01 MAR 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

Eight years ago, businessman Fawaz bin Jubail Al-Balawi had the idea of creating a European-style hut on a 1,500 square meter farm with a distinct view of the Shara’an Nature Reserve and Mada'in Saleh in Al-Ula. The result is Flowers Farmhouse, built in line with international standards and situated in the governorate’s Shalal tourist village.


Al-Balawi and his wife designed the building for their own personal use before deciding to invest in the venture and open it up to citizens and tourists. The mastery of construction down to the smallest details have impressed visitors.

International standard

Al-Balawi was keen on establishing a resort constructed to the highest international specifications and which offered visitors modernity and privacy. The owner built the hut with American wood and ensured it was fireproofed and well insulated.


The hotel-like hut consists of two rooms, bathroom and spacious living room. The hallway features double glazing that provide a sense of airiness and comfort. The American-style kitchen opens up to the living room and is fully equipped with a stove, refrigerator and coffee machine. There are also two open-air swimming pools for adults and children.

Natural surroundings

The stunning farmhouse is surrounded by thousands of palm trees, around 400 citrus trees and two wells. There are also five different wooden seating areas in the midst of the nature and an underground area offering warmth during the winter. Completing the experience is a traditional marquee area with a fireplace.

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