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Horseback riding by the Red Sea

"فرسان عروس البحر": تجربة مميزة تجمع جمال الخيل والبحر

17 MAR 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

There is little that matches the exhilarating experience of horseback riding in the so-called Bride of the Red Sea – Jeddah. A passion for equestrianism from a young age drove Nayef Al-Abih to capitalize on this market for horse riding in the city and open up a stable with around 20 horses. He offers three-hour horseback rides to the sea for children and adults. 

Horseback experience

The horseback experience attracts many visitors looking to enjoy sunset views of the Red Sea in Dhaban near Durra resort, north of Jeddah. The Knights of the Bride of the Red Sea project provides multiple services for those looking to spend a beautiful day on the coast. 

Horse riding benefits

Horseback riding not only maintains health and fitness, but also develops riders’ self-confidence and helps them overcome any fears of failure.

Prior to the fun-filled trip, beginners must follow several exercises and instructions such as practicing the correct sitting position, controlling the saddle, changing direction and stopping the horse.

Reservations can be made by calling +966 50 700 6017. Participants are properly briefed with safety instructions before they are allowed to mount their horses.