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Get to Know Cultural awards in the Kingdom

تعرف على الجوائز الثقافية التي تقدمها السعودية للمثقفين

16 DEC 2019


Source: Fatima Al-Saleh

Wafy provides you with a rundown of each cultural award run by the Ministry of Culture that celebrates the brightest minds, including the King Faisal International Prize, Arab Thought Award and Souk Okaz Award.

Ministry of Culture Award:

An initiative of the National Cultural Awards, this prize celebrates the achievements of creative Saudis in 16 major cultural sectors that the ministry focuses on as part of its vision and goals. The Ministry of Culture has designated 14 awards covering all cultural fields divided into four main segments: the Pioneer Award, the Culture for Youth Award, the Cultural Institutions Award, and a fourth that covers the remaining 11 awards. The Pioneer Award, also known as the Cultural Personality of the Year prize, honors pioneers who served a cultural field in the Kingdom with distinction. 

The Culture for Youth Award is handed to an emerging talent in any cultural sector, while the Cultural Institutions Award recognizes distinguished cultural projects that enrich Saudi cultural content. The remaining 11 awards recognizes those who have distinguished themselves in the following fields: film, fashion, music, national heritage, literature, theater and performing arts, visual arts, architecture and design, culinary arts, publishing, and translation. The Pioneer and Culture for Youth award nominees are determined by a selection committee, while nominees for the remaining prizes can be put forward from the general public next year according to specific procedures outlined by the Ministry of Culture.  

King Faisal International Prize:

The King Faisal International Prize is considered one of the most influential international awards. Named after the late eponymous king, it was established by the King Faisal Foundation (KFF) in 1977 and awarded to scholars who have served in the areas of Islamic studies, literature, language studies, medicine and science.

In 1977, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, Director General of KFF, announced that the Board of Trustees had decided to establish an international award in the king’s name. The first award was handed out in 1979. Since its establishment, there have been 229 winners from 40 countries. Because of its accuracy and transparency in choosing the winners, it has earned a distinguished international reputation among similar awards throughout the world.

The components of the award:

1- A discretionary certificate that outlines the justifications for the award.

2- A prize of SR750,000 for each main award.

3 - A prize of SR500,000 for the winners of translation awards.

4- A commemorative medal.

Arab Thought Foundation Award:

The Arab Thought Foundation is an independent international community-based institution that aims to honor the nation's principles, values and ethics with the approach of responsible freedom. It is concerned with various areas of knowledge, including science, medicine, economics, administration, information and literature, in order to unify intellectual and cultural efforts that call for the nation’s solidarity, advancement and preservation of its identity.

The Arab Thought Foundation’s prizes include the Arab Creativity Award and Most Important Arabic Book Award, in addition to awards for pioneers, creators, and talented people.

Souk Okaz Awards:

Souk Okaz is considered the most important and famous Arab market in history. The late King Faisal was interested in reviving Souk Okaz after 12 centuries, so Makkah Governor Prince Khalid Al-Faisal decided to restore the market as a key component of the holy city’s development strategy. The first edition of the market was held in 2007. The Souk Okaz awards include the following: Okaz Youth Poet Prize, Painting and Poem Prize, Photography Prize, Arabic Calligraphy Prize, Okaz Entrepreneur Prize, Okaz Innovator Prize, Novel Prize, Handicraft Prize, Popular Folklore Prize, and Okaz Poet Prize.