Articles/Hail’s rich rock engravings: A cradle of civilizations

Hail’s rich rock engravings: A cradle of civilizations

لوحات جمالية محفورة على سفوح جبال حائل

13 APR 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

The province of Hail is rich in petroglyph sites that have their own distinctive history. One notable location is Gramil Al-Khorram, also known as Muzaihir Al-Fajah. Situated 200 kilometers west of the city of Hail, it is home to many rock drawings of animals dating back to the first millennium BC.


The remarkably well-preserved petroglyphs engraved on Hail’s mountain slopes include those of animals, particularly horses and camels. Other rock art include engravings of people and Thamudic writings.

Stories of early humanity

Gramil Al-Khorram can be likened to an open museum that offers a glimpse into the social, economic, and intellectual lifestyles of humanity during the third and fourth centuries BC. 

UNESCO registered Hail’s petroglyph sites in Jubba and Al-Shuwaimis on its World Heritage List in 2015. Nowadays, tourism companies organize trips to these locations so visitors can appreciate the historical significance of these petroglyphs and learn about how early humans lived.