Articles/Ibn Rumman Palace: Witness to the Kingdom’s birth

Ibn Rumman Palace: Witness to the Kingdom’s birth

قصر ابن رمان شاهد حضاري على روعة البناء

08 JUL 2020


Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

The Kingdom is famous for its numerous historical forts and palaces, many of which are still standing. Take a trip to Tayma in the Tabuk province, and near the ancient Bir Hadaj well lies the remains of Ibn Rumman Palace.


Tayma is a well-known historical site that features many monuments, some of which date back more than 85,000 years to the Stone and Bronze Ages. There have been significant archaeological finds such as ornate pottery vessels similar to those found in Moabite and Adamic sites and dating back to the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age. The Hadaj well itself dates back to the first millennium BC and is famous for being an abundant and deep water source.


Ibn Rumman Palace was built in 1338 AH and named after Prince Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Rumman, ruler of Tayma at the time. It was also called Al-Mudhuriyya Palace in reference to the location of the land on which it was built. Others call it the Emirate Palace because it has witnessed influential historical events, including when Tayma came under Saudi rule during the reign of the Kingdom’s founder King Abdulaziz.


When you tour the charming Ibn Rumman Palace, you will see remnants of what made this traditional building truly beautiful and grand. Its architecture reflects those followed by metropolitan areas in the past. The palace is made from natural materials such as stone and marble and is surrounded by large walls that made it an impenetrable fortress. The palace is also distinguished by its towers, inner courtyard and two levels with rooms that each served a particular function.


Some parts of the palace have eroded due to the passage of time, prompting the Ministry of Tourism to carry out restoration work and then open it to members of the public looking to enjoy a tour inside. This ancient palace has established itself as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Tayma.