Articles/Janadriyah to Take Place in November 2020

Janadriyah to Take Place in November 2020

الجنادرية تعود بحلة جديدة في نوفمبر 2020

02 OCT 2019


Source: Fatima Al-Saleh

The Ministry of Culture has specified November 2020 as a new timing for Janadriyah. The festival has moved to the ministry of culture after being organized for the past 34 years by the Ministry of National Guard. This step is expected to add more successes to the previous achievements of this festival.

The spokesman of the ministry of culture Abdulkareem Al-Humaid said the ministry is working on developing the festival content and come up with various activities and programs that depict the national heritage. The festival is expected to in conjunction with the G20 Summit, which gives a chance to introduce the Kingdom rich culture to the world.

He added that since the ministry has been given the supervision role for this festival last July it has been working with different institutions to in order to have a clear vision for the upcoming festival and increase its operation days. The festival will also undergo development for 3 years to ensure that it well represent the Kingdom and meet the expectation of audience.