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The heritage treasures of Mount Talan Museum

متحف "جبل طلان" بجازان يتنفس عبق التراث وعراقة الماضي

09 MAR 2021

Source: Nadeen Al-Wazani

In the east of the southern Jazan province lies the Al-Dayer Bani Malik governorate, known for its ancient stone forts, charming nature, towering mountains, and green fields that produce the finest coffee. 

One cultural attraction dedicated to showcasing local heritage is Mount Talan Museum, a private institution owned by Gebran Al-Alili Al-Maliki.

It has welcomed many visitors over the years, especially during its participation in the Coffee Festival that the Dayer Bani Malik Governorate holds annually.


The Mount Talan Museum features thousands of rare artifacts that reflect the ancient heritage of Jazan’s mountainous regions. Al-Maliki collected his pieces over a period of 32 years because of his love for Al-Dayer Bani Malik’s ancient heritage.

The museum displays the following:

  • · coffee making tools and pots
  • · cooking utensils
  • · agricultural tools
  • · leather goods
  • · women's clothes
  • · decorative tools
  • · ancient weapons used in wars
  • · ancient stone tools including a millstone

The weapons and jewelry pieces are displayed on the walls, while the larger pieces are beautifully presented on shelves.