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The deep Islamic history of Jinn Mosque

مسجد الجن بمكة المكرمة شهد قصة إيمانهم

08 AUG 2020


Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Many mosques around the Kingdom have a rich history attached to them and continue to attract worshipers as a result. One of these deeply spiritual buildings is the Jinn Mosque, one of Makkah’s oldest and most important places of worship in the city.

A pledge of allegiance

Also called the Mosque of Guards, Jinn mosque is located right in front of the Al-Ma'alla Cemetery in Makkah. It was restored more than once throughout the Islamic ages, and its last renovation was during the era of King Fahd bin Abdulaziz.

It is also called the Mosque of Allegiance because the mosque is built at the place where the jinn pledged themselves to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and embraced Islam, as revealed in the Holy Qur’an chapter Al-Jinn. As mentioned in the verses, the jinn gathered one night to hear the Messenger’s (pbuh) recitation of a section of the holy Quran.

A recital in the dark

Narrations about the Prophet (pbuh) state that one night he traveled from Taif to Makkah in Nakhla Valley. Surrounded by pitch-black darkness and without any companion, he decided to pray out loud in the middle of the night. Jinn coming from Yemen listened to the recited Qur’an. Then they embraced Islam and dispersed around the world as believers of Islam.