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Ji’rranah Mosque: Marks the Ihram of Prophet

مسجد الجعرانة الذي أحرم منه سيد البشر

22 APR 2021

Source: Nadeen Al-Wazani

Makkah is home to a number of mosques that have witnessed the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) life and where prayers are still being performed today. Among these historical mosques is theAl-Ji'rranah Mosque 24 kilometers east of Makkah’s Grand Mosque. It is one of the miqat points where pilgrims enter the state of ihram for the performance of Umrah or Hajj.

Islamic history

Al-Ji’rranah Mosque marks the location where the Prophet (pbuh) camped for a few days after the Battle of Hunayn – the spoils of this skirmish were captured from the Hawaazin tribe by the Muslims and distributed during his stay. When this was done, the people of the Hawaazin went to the Prophet (pbuh) in repentance and requested to have their prisoners and wealth back. Al-Ji’rranah Mosque is also the location where the Prophet (pbuh) entered the state of ihram for Umrah and then left for Madinah the same night.


The mosque has been renovated and increased in capacity several times. It was also rebuilt in a modern style during the era of the late King Fahd across an area of 430 square meters and provided with a capacity of 1,000 worshipers.