Articles/Jubbah: Hail’s most famous rock art site

Jubbah: Hail’s most famous rock art site

قرية جبة التراثية في حائل: متحف فني يستقطب السياح

28 NOV 2020


Source: Nadeen Al-Wazani

Drive for around 90 kilometers north of the city of Ha’il and you will find Jubbah, home to what is considered the most famous rock art site in all of Saudi Arabia. Registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2015, this heritage village attracts many tourists from inside and outside the Kingdom throughout the year.  


Rock carvings that can be found at Jubbah include a wide range of drawings and inscriptions dating back to the Stone Ages.  These petroglyphs demonstrate how the ancestors of today’s Arabs deliberately left evidence of their presence within an area that once overlooked a freshwater lake. Rock art depicting humans and animals, notably camels, horses, goats, deer, gazelles, lions and ostriches, can be found in different sizes and shapes.

Umm Sinman and Ghouta mountains

The surrounding rocky mountains in Jubbah feature hundreds of Thamudic drawings and writings that ancient humans engraved across different eras. The most important of these sites are Umm Sinman and Ghouta mountains.

Heritage buildings

Jubbah is known for its heritage buildings surrounded by palm trees, typically attracting those interested in antiquities and history.


Because of their historic significance, various heritage sites in Jubbah were developed by erecting walkways and wooden stairs for visitors to easily view the petroglyphs as well as signage in Arabic and English outlining the history of these rock drawings. To protect tourists from the sun and rain, shaded areas were also installed.