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Khuzam Palace: Al-Ahsa’s protector

قصر خزام الأحساء ملجئ الأمان وحامي المنطقة

14 OCT 2020


Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

The two Khuzam palaces that watched over the east and west of the Kingdom have stood tall for many years – the epitome of resilience for countless generations. One of these palatial buildings is located in Jeddah while the other is in the eastern Al-Ahsa region, at the southwestern entrance to Al-Hofuf in the Na'athil neighborhood.


Khuzam Palace in Al-Hafuf was built during the era of Imam Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al-Kabir to offer military protection for nomadic Bedouins who used to come to Al-Ahsa to trade. This historic building was also designated as a venue to resolve disputes that usually occurred between tribes over water sources and livestock.


The rectangular-shaped palace is surrounded by an 80-meter-long wall and has a main entrance in the middle of the northern side. There are niches in the corridors for observation purposes and it was surrounded by a trench that was recently covered. There is also a mosque, majlis (reception area) and guest rooms as well as six circular towers on the northern and southern sides, each consisting of two floors.