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King Fahd Library Park: Popular family escape

حديقة مكتبة الملك فهد خيارات ترفيهية متنوعة

04 MAY 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

In the heart of the Saudi capital lies one of the most well-liked parks that visitors have been flocking to for 30 years and counting. King Fahd National Library’s park in the Olaya neighborhood is one of the most popular family outdoor experiences.

Shopping location

The park’s distinctive location in the city’s shopping area is a major reason why many visitors stop by. For a fun-filled day, they often visit nearby malls such as the Al-Faisaliah Tower or Al-Mousa complex, or dine in the surrounding restaurants and cafes.

For all the family

The park features spacious green spaces and wide pathways for an enjoyable stroll. Children can also ride bicycles. For younger visitors, there are also electric car rides or fun playgrounds.


In the corners of the park are food trucks that provide hot and cold drinks as well as traditional and Western food and desserts. 

Visitors can also find small stalls selling household necessities, accessories and winter clothes such as gloves and jackets.

King Fahd National Library’s park is a favorite destination where children ride bicycles and play while their parents keep a close eye on them, sipping tea and coffee and eating snacks.