Articles/Maraya: A mirrored wonder in Al-Ula

Maraya: A mirrored wonder in Al-Ula

قاعة مرايا واجهة هندسية خلابة تعكس تاريخ العلا وطبيعتها

04 JAN 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

In the deserts of Al-Ula lies a unique rectangular structure that has earned a Guinness World Record for being the largest mirrored building in the world – Maraya Concert Hall.

Name and location

The Arabic word “Maraya” translates as “reflection” or “mirror”. Spanning 9,740 square meters, the building itself was designed to reflect and highlight the natural beauty of Al-Ula’s desert surroundings. The concert hall was built in the vicinity of Mada'in Saleh, Saudi Arabia's first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site and a historic city that was once a trade route connecting the Arabian Peninsula to the Levant region. The building’s eyecatching design has established it as an architectural masterpiece that complements the stunning surrounding environments of the Al-Hajar area in Wadi Ashar.


The 500-seat capacity hall was designed as a cuboid structure completely covered with mirrors on the outside – leading it to win the prestigious Architizer A+Award. The hall is equipped with the latest theater and operatic sound systems, while the surrounding area features naturally carved rocks, historic writings and cave art as well as many Islamic and religious monuments.


Maraya will serve as a centerpiece venue for world-class events, celebrations, performances and business gatherings. It is scheduled to host the 41st Gulf Cooperation Council Summit attended by leaders of the member countries.