Articles/Mount Shamanseer: History, nature and fun all in one

Mount Shamanseer: History, nature and fun all in one

لعشاق تسلق الجبال .. جبل شَمَنْصِير هو وجهتكم

09 JUN 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

The western region of the Kingdom is home to charming mountains that stand tall as a testament to their ancient history. One, in particular, is Mount Shamanseer, situated in Al-Kamil governorate northeast of Makkah. Featuring a wealth of petroglyphs, it is bordered by Madinah to the north, Khulais governorate to the south, and Jumum governorate to the east.

Rock art

Shamanseer stands 1,600 meters above sea level and features many Thamudic inscriptions and drawings that depict the lifestyles of ancient civilizations, showcasing the types of weapons used for hunting and prevalent animals during those periods.

The mountain, also called Mount Solyim, carried political and economic importance because of its location between the Hijaz mountain ranges.

Natural features

Shamanseer Mountain regularly attracts visitors – particularly fans of nature, road trips, and history – looking to enjoy its picturesque landscape, moderate climate, agricultural pockets, ancient monuments and petroglyphs, and rare birds and animals.


Mountain climbers and hikers can also enjoy activities usually held in and around the site. A forestation initiative was established to accentuate its natural beauty and attract more tourists.